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Mboma Island Mokoro Hippos
Mboma Island Mokoro Landscape
Mboma Island Mokoros
Mboma Island Mokoro Route

Mboma Island Mokoro - Mboma boat station is nestled in a secluded area at the edge of the abundant Moremi Game Reserve. 

Positioned on the floodplains where the Delta's fresh waters converge with the savannah terrain of Moremi, Mboma offers an ideal setting for both land and water-based safaris. 

Two hour Mokoro excursion rate available on request.

Mboma Mokoro and Boat Station is located in the Moremi Game Reserve:

  • Approximately a 45 - 50 minutes drive fromThird bridge Campsite.
  • Mboma Mokoro and Boat Station isapproximately 1.5 hour - 2 hour drive fromXakanaxa Campsite
  • Approximately 3 hour - 3.5 hour drive from SouthGate Campsite

One hour Mokoro excursion and guide.