Situated on the Chobe River in the north-east, Kasane is a bustling little town offering trouble-free access to the Chobe National Park. As there are no boundary fences between the park and the village, game such as elephant and hippo can frequently be seen wandering down the road and through the Kasane campsites.

Not too long ago Kasane was a remote and forgettable small village. However, its strategic location along the main tourist routes (meeting point of four countries - Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia) has led to rapid expansion in recent years. Six kilometres east of Kasane is tiny Kazungula, which serves as the border post between Botswana and Zimbabwe and the landing for the Kazungula Ferry between Botswana and Zambia.Kasane is the administrative centre of the Chobe District and the northern entrance to the Chobe National Park. There is one entrance into the Chobe National Park from Kasane: Sedudu gate which is south of the river. A number of large dead trees along the Sedudu Valley Road are ideal for spotting elusive leopards, which are plentiful in the area. Across the Chobe river from Kasane is the flat grassy plains of Sedudu Island, a grazing ground for elephant, hippo and buffalo.

There are a number of garages, banks, shops and river lodges in the village, as well as an international airport just 4 km out of town. The lodges offer morning and evening drives into the park as far as Serondela.

Kasane also boasts an old and dignified baobab tree with its own story to tell: in the early twentieth century the hollowed out centre of the tree trunk served as the local prison for many years before the current brick structure behind it was built.

A short drive out of Kasane takes you to a bend in the Chobe River near the Kasane Rapids. A number of picnic sites can be found in the area, that are worth a visit if only to glimpse the abundance of birdlife that can be seen close to the rapids. Look out for unusual species such as the African finfoot and the half collared kingfisher. Most of the lodges offer river cruises, which provide a good opportunity to view birds and animals alike from close quarters. Sunset over the Chobe River is arguably one of the most photographed in Africa.

Kasane is also popular as a fishing safari destination. A wide variety of fish species can be found in the waterways off Kasane including tiger fish and bream. Most of the lodges in the area cater for fishing safaris as well as boat and tackle hire.

Visitors to Kasane can also visit the Kasane Hot Springs natural mineral spa and Inchingo fishing camp, which is an excellent area for fishing. The Sedudu Island on the Chobe River is also a favourite site for game viewing and bird watching. While in Kasane make sure to participate in one of the regular sundowner river cruises, a trip on the rapids of the Chobe River and a visit to the old hollow baobab tree.

Kasane also offers access to two other tourist sights: Namibia's Caprivi Strip to the west and the Victoria Falls to the east on the Zimbabwe/Zambian border.