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Namibia Accommodation

Caprivi, sometimes called the Caprivi Strip (Caprivizipfel), formally known as Itenge, and now known as the Zambezi Region, is a narrow protrusion of Namibia eastwards about 450 km, between Botswana on the south, Angola and Zambia to the north,...

Windhoek, the capital, lies in the central highland between the Auas and Eros Mountains and the picturesque Khomas-Hochland stretching west to the Desert. Places of interest include: The Alte Feste, built in 1890-1892 by the founder of Windhoek,...

Sossusvlei is a large clay pan in the desert, surrounded by the highest known dunes in the world (up to 427 m). From time to time the Tsauchab River flows into the vlei, which retains the water for a long time. The vlei can be reached only in a...

The Etosha National Park in the game-rich north-western corner of Namibia is 380km at it's longest and 90km at it's widest. It is a paradise, especially for the photographer, as it contains a wide variety of game in open country. There are rest...

The Fish River Canyon is the largest Canyon in Africa. The canyon is approximately 161km long, and cuts deeply into the surrounding area to the river bed about 550m below. A scenic road runs from the Main look-out point along the Fish River...

Namibia is a land of vast distances with ever-changing scenery, wide-open spaces, sand dunes, deep canyons and breathtaking beauty. Situated on the south west coast of the African continent, the Republic of Namibia covers an area of approximately 825,000 km². It is bordered by South Africa in the south, Botswana in the east, Angola and Zambia in the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the western side.

It stretches almost 1 500 km from the Orange River in the south to Rundu at the Okavango River in the north. Places of interest are Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Waterberg Plateau Park, Cape Cross, Caprivi Strip and Twyfelfontein.

Windhoek - 400,000
824, 292 km²
English, Afrikaans, German, OshiWambo, Indigenous
Indigenous Beliefs, Christian
Namibian Dollar - NAD / Rand - ZAR
Major Airports: 
Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Lüderitz, Oshakati, Katima Mulilo
Left-hand Driving, WAT (UTC+1) + WAST (UTC+2)
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Chobe Water Villas

Chobe Water Villas is situated in the 150 km² Namibian Kasika Conservancy directly on the banks of the Chobe River and opposite the renowned Chobe National Park and the...

Starting from N$ 4,870.00 p/p sharing | N$ 7,490.00 single | FI
Damaraland Camp

Damaraland Camp is situated in the Torra Conservancy – an inspirational community partnership – with sensational views of the surrounding desert plains, ancient valleys...