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Omaruru Accommodation

Omaruru is situated near the Erongo Mountains, on the usually dry Omaruru River. It is located on the main paved road from Swakopmund to Otjiwarongo. The name in the local Otjiherero language means 'bitter milk', as the cattle used to browse on a local bush that turned their milk bitter. Omaruru was the very first town in Namibia to receive full municipal status in July 1909. The first council was elected on the 22nd July 1909. The first municipal office building was erected in 1926. It was moved to the present building in the 1980's. This building was the first government school and hostel, taken into use on the 14th of May 1912, after school attendance became compulsory in 1909.

Gottlieb Viehe founded the Mission Station on the 10th October 1870 - believed to be the founding date of Omaruru. He held sermons, started school tuition and established the very first meteorological station in Namibia with written records from 1880- 1887. Both Viehe, and the last missionary to live in the Mission House, August Kuhlmann (1939-1943), translated the New Testament from German to Herero. In 1984 the Municipality of Omaruru bought the Mission House from the Rhenish Missionary Society and in 1986 it was declared a National Monument. The consecration of the Mission Church took place in December 1873 and that of the Roman Catholic Church in 1907. The mission church is currently under the protection of the Historical Monuments Commission.

Very significant in the history of Omaruru, and also depicted on the Municipal Coat of Arms is the Franke Tower, this monument is often visited by tourists to Namibia. After the Herero Rebellion flared up on the 17th of January 1904, Major Victor Franke of the Colonial Army freed Omaruru in the battle of 4th February 1904. Omaruru's grateful residents built the Franke Tower in 1907 in honor of Major Franke and it was inaugurated on the 4th February 1908. The adjacent battlefield was declared to be under the protection of the Historical Monuments Commission in 1972.

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Starting from N$ 1,195.00 p/p sharing | N$ 1,265.00 single | BB
Ai Aiba Lodge

Ai Aiba Lodge is situated 49 km from Omaruru in the Erongo Mountains and set afoot massive granite rock boulders, overlooking the magically beautiful Erongo mountain...

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Erindi Private Game Reserve

Erindi Private Game Reserve and the Old Traders Lodge, are situated 40 km east of Omaruru. The Old Traders Lodge comprises the main dining room and viewing deck as well...

Starting from N$ 2,725.00 p/p sharing | N$ 3,243.00 single | DBB
Erongo Wilderness Lodge

Erongo Wilderness Lodge is situated 12 km west of Omaruru and lies in a special wilderness area of Namibia, encircled by the Erongo Mountains, where the desert, mountain...

Starting from N$ 990.00 p/p sharing | N$ 990.00 single | BB
Immenhof Guest Farm

Immenhof Guest Farm - The unique setting of Immenhof covers a diverse landscape ranging from open plains to thorn bush savannah, along dry riverbeds winding through...

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Kashana offers the best value for money in the country. Most guests stay more than just one or two days. They enjoy the comfort of the chalets or like it to relax at the...

Starting from N$ 1,650.00 p/p sharing | N$ 1,800.00 single | DBB
Omaruru Game Lodge

Omaruru Game Lodge The lodge is situated in a private game park of 3400 ha. From the main road the visitor drives through the game, passing by rhinos, gnus, zebras and...

Starting from N$ 395.00 p/p sharing | N$ 520.00 single | BB
Omaruru Guesthouse

Omaruru Guesthouse is the perfect location with safe parking for family gatherings, your workshops, seminars and courses. The place for you to connect with others....

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Ozongwindi Lodge

Ozongwindi Lodge ("fruit of the Shepherd tree" in Herero) is a brand new lodge comprising 10 double free-standing thatched roof bungalows each with separate deck which...