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Waterberg Plateau Park Accommodation

Waterberg Plateau Park Accommodation
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Waterberg Plateau Park is a national park in central Namibia encompassing the Waterberg Plateau, 68 km east of the town of Otjiwarongo. The Waterberg Plateau is a particularly prominent feature, elevated high above the plains of the Kalahari of Eastern Namibia. The plateau and some 405 km² of surrounding land were declared a Nature Reserve in 1972. The plateau is largely inaccessible so in the early 1970s several of Namibia's endangered species were trans-located there to protect them from predators and poaching to extinction. The programme was very successful and Waterberg now supplies other Namibian parks with rare species. In 1989, Black Rhino were reintroduced to the area from Damaraland, sparking a successful breeding programme of national and international significance for the species.

The Waterberg Plateau Park is ecologically diverse and rich and has over 200 different species of bird and some rare species of small antelope on the lower hills of the mountain.

Geologically, the oldest rock stratum is over 850 million years old and dinosaurs tracks were left there some 200 million years ago. The first human inhabitants were the San people, who left rock engravings believed to be several thousand years old. A small tribe of the San were still living their traditional lifestyle on the plateau until the late 1960s.

Waterberg Plateau Park
20° 21' 10.7856" S
17° 20' 24.7272" E
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Starting from N$ 1,185.00 p/p sharing | N$ 1,185.00 single | BB
WABI Game Lodge

WABI Game Lodge: In the wild beauty of the Waterberg Plato lays the ultimate place for individual travelers, who seek for peace and inspiration - WABI. Experience...

Starting from N$ 650.00 p/p sharing | N$ 650.00 single | BB
Waterberg Camp

Waterberg Camp is the gateway to the Waterberg Plateau Park, one of the most spectacular features of the northern region, towering some 200 meters above the surrounding...

Starting from N$ 1,060.00 p/p sharing | N$ 1,150.00 single | BB
Waterberg Guest Farm

Waterberg Guest Farm - Situated at the foot of the majestic Waterberg Plateau in Northern Central Namibia is the magnificent Waterberg Guest Farm, a 42 000 hectare...

Starting from N$ 1,700.00 p/p sharing | N$ 1,700.00 single | DBB
Waterberg Plateau Lodge

Waterberg Plateau Lodge is nestled on a rock terrace high up on the slope of the Waterberg offering chalets that afford grand vistas of the endless Kalahari bush...

Starting from N$ 750.00 p/p sharing | N$ 750.00 single | DBB
Waterberg Valley Lodge

Waterberg Valley Lodge is situated on a hill in a wide valley of the Waterberg mountain range. The Waterberg Valley Lodge overlooks the green valley and the red mountain...

Starting from N$ 1,400.00 p/p sharing | N$ 1,400.00 single | DBB
Waterberg Wilderness Lodge

Waterberg Wilderness Lodge - The buildings of Waterberg Wilderness Lodge shelter in a long valley in the midst of the Waterberg mountain range. Built from red Waterberg...