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Grünau Accommodation

Grünau, is situated 140 km north of Noordoewer on the main road from Cape Town to Windhoek, and 160 km northwest of the Nakop borderpost on the main road between Upington and Windhoek.

If you look at Grünau on a map you will see just a tiny dot – but it is strategically on your way to Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa and to our Namibian capital Windhoek. It doesn’t matter from where you are coming, most of the time you have to pass Grünau. Even the railway line goes through Grünau. In fact, Grünau was a former little railway siding, Grünau is in the south of Southern Namibia. Grünau has a capita of about 400 – mostly Nama people – a few Ovambo, Okavango and white people.

It is on the rugged mountainous terrain between the two famous deserts – the Kalahari in the east and the Namib in the west. Around Grünau there are grassy plains – therefore Grünau’s name –green pastures. A Spectacular sight when we had a good rainy season and you are surrounded by grass and in between “driedoringbossies”.

Grünau is situated in the Gamchab Basin. This large basin was formed by rivers eroding away the terrain to the north of the Orange River. These rivers flow and erode the landscape only sporadically after heavy falls of rain. The landscape is dominated by large, open valleys of gently sloping ground covered with a sparse layer of grass. There are many prominent dolerite sills in die Basin. The landscape is named after the Gamchab River, the largest of several rivers that drain the basin. The Gamchab seldom has water and join the Orange River west of Aussenkehr.

From Grünau you can see the two ranges that make up the Karas Mountains. These mountains are landmarks in southern Namibia, where they stand proudly above the rather flat surrounding terrain. The mountains consist of uplifted blocks of sandstone, limestones and shales. These blocks have been so eroded and dissected in some areas that it is difficult to imagine the mountains originally had flat tops. Because moist air is forced up over the mountains, they often receive slightly more rain than lower areas nearby.

Grünau is about a 100 km from the spectacular Fish River Canyon. The incision of the Fish River over millions of years into the landscape has the Fish River Canyon in its present shape as a result to expose some of Namibia’s oldest rocks. It is Namibia’s biggest geological wonder. It is a massive 161 km long and 27 km wide, with a varying depth of 550 m.

27° 43' 48.666" S
18° 22' 54.0192" E
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Starting from N$ 830.00 p/p sharing | N$ 1,104.00 single | BB
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