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Sani Pass Accommodation

The Sani Pass is a spectacular mountain road that is a well-known entry point into Lesotho from South Africa’s Natal Drakensberg Park. It is the gateway to the ‘Roof of Africa’ scenic route that links the spectacular scenery of the Drakensberg with the mountains of northern Lesotho. The Sani Pass is the only border post between Kwazulu-Natal and Lesotho. A 4X4 vehicle is necessary for this road especially if the weather is bad. Never underestimate the changeability of the weather in Lesotho. A common truth is that you can have four seasons in one day, so be prepared.

A great number of birds can be found in the area: Jackal Buzzard, Southern Bold Ibis, Red Winged Starling, Southern Red Bishop, Drakensberg Rock Jumper and Greater Collared Sunbird to name few. Over 50 different wild flowers are growing between the resort (1 566m) and the Pass (2 873m). It includes Nodding Wild Iris, Great wild Anemone or Marmalade Bush. And the variety of animals that inhabit the grounds range from field mice to Eland, the biggest antelope in Africa. Ducker and other small antelopes.

Sani Pass
South Africa
29° 39' 0.468" S
29° 26' 55.0968" E
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Sani Pass Hotel

Sani Pass Hotel, on the banks of the Mkhomozana River, is situated in a remote, picturesque area, often described as a Drakensberg paradise. Surrounded by 800 hectares...