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Paternoster Accommodation

Paternoster means "Our Father". The village got its name in the days when the slave trade was still flourishing. Legend has it that the Meermijn, a ship with a cargo of slaves, came to shore in search of fresh food and water supplies. A Catholic priest on board of the vessel said the Lord’s Prayer on the beach to give thanks for the fresh supplies they were able to find (Pater Noster).

The village of Paternoster is centrally situated on the West Coast. It has beautiful beaches and an unspoiled countryside. This is probably the reason why moviemakers have chosen to film here. During August and September the spring flowers make their appearance, changing the whole landscape into a breathtaking carpet of flowers. Several indigenous species like ‘Bokbaai Vygie” and very rare “Romulea Barkerae” (Paternoster Frotang) are on display during this time of year. You can also get fresh fish from the beach when the traditional fishing boats return. Snoek, Geelbek, Harder and Hottentot are some of the most popular catches.

South Africa
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