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Mnemba Island Accommodation

More than 1 200 years have passed since the silhouettes of three-cornered Arab dhows were first spotted on the Indian Ocean waters washing Africa’s eastern shores. These traders came across an island of such exquisite beauty that they filled their parchment manuscripts with tales of its picturesque sights. This scented land of coconuts and spices was so idyllic that the Sultan of Oman decided to move the seat of his empire to these shores, which they named Zayn Zal Barr, meaning ‘fair is the island’. Today the Zanzibar Archipelago is still bathed in the heady scents of cloves and cinnamon and traditional dhows still drift across the horizon.

Off the north-eastern tip of Zanzibar lies the Mnemba Island, inhabited only by guests and the staff taking care of them. Just 1.5 km (less than a mile) in circumference, Mnemba is surrounded by an atoll of breath-taking coral reefs and boasts some of Africa’s most magnificent dive sites. The calm azure seas surrounding the island offer irresistible snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, fly fishing, windsurfing and permanent swimming directly from the beach.

Turtle season peaks between April and August (however, laying can occur year round) and these prehistoric creatures can be seen laying their eggs on the beaches. Within nine weeks, the beaches are filled with tiny turtle hatchlings. This exquisite private island, with its white coral beaches and spectacular coral reefs, is renowned as one of the most romantic ocean destinations in the world, offering a privacy and rustic exclusivity unparalleled on the African coastline.

The weather can be humid, although sea breezes bring cooler air and relief from heat and humidity. The rainfall occurs in two monsoon seasons, from April to May and again in November. Average daytime temperatures are 26˚C / 79˚F from June to October and 28˚C / 82˚F from December to February. Average water temperature is from 20˚C / 68˚F to 25˚C / 77˚F. The island is situated in a low-risk malaria area.

The best months to visit are from June to March.

Mnemba Island
5° 49' 13.2852" S
39° 23' 5.3808" E
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Mnemba Island Lodge

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