Okavango Delta Helicopter Flight

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Okavango Delta Helicopter Flight, experience the enchanting Okavango Delta on a brief, scenic flight from Maun. Within moments of takeoff, the vast beauty unfolds—lush floodplains with waterways, hippo trails, and wildlife. Witness lechwe grazing, buffalo on palm islands, and elephants on their quest for sustenance. Glide over ecologically vital woodlands, spotting giraffes, impalas, wildebeests, and predators. 

This unique 45 minute flight showcases diverse ecosystems, from permanent waterways to the heart of the southwestern Okavango Delta. With removed doors for unobstructed views, it's a photographic delight. Headsets ensure constant communication with knowledgeable pilots for an expertly guided adventure over breath-taking landscapes.

Alternative tours available upon request, including guided day tours, transfers and overnight tours.

  • All flights are private and guests are guaranteed a window seat
  • Doors off for unrestricted views, perfect for photography
  • Guests provided with headsets for a truly guided experience
  • Safety and respect for wildlife is a priority – this will be highlighted in each briefing

Departure Tax.